Scott Turri

I am a lot like a collector. I take photographs of my environment and then catalog these manipulated photographs which become source material for my paintings. Lately, the photographs originate from inside my house, either of something from the interior of the house or of footage of the exterior world seen through my windows and doors. The concept of private vs public informs my latest series Inside Out, one in which I have committed to the interior, the private. Another source comes from automatic drawings, drawn by hand or more recently digitally, which originate from the inner self. I sort through these drawings and then select a certain part of the drawing which I find engaging. Typically, I reconfigure the drawing through a variety of devices: mirroring, patterning, and then recombining and or adding to these parts to create an interesting abstract form.

These parts, the manipulated photographs and drawings become variables that I use for the paintings. Like a minimalist, I work with a fairly limited set of variables. I design the paintings on the computer using Photoshop, in the initial stages where I manipulate photographs, then on to the Flash environment where I develop and finalize the designs. During the design stage there is a lot of improvisation, where I can rapidly and freely change the scale, positioning, and color combinations to develop the finished model. Once the design is finalized, I make larger scaled painted replicas. Although, I think that each painting is unique and important in its own right I am also very interested in how the paintings function as a unit within each series. Therefore, I intend to create a dialogue amongst the paintings.