Scott Turri

In my latest series, Afterglow, I wish to transport the viewer to a pleasurable, seductive, luxurious, enveloping space. This space has borders, and the grid of circles fits within it, but once that grid of circles expands, it breaks the boundaries of the container. The paintings and animation are like a metaphorical liminal space. The experience of viewing becomes primarily about sensation. This work parallels minimalism, emphasizing repetition, a restricted set of parameters, and an underlying logically designed framework. Ultimately, I prefer an environment that is not author-centric. I like the work to function independently of its maker. I don’t want the audience to think about me because even though the working methods are highly personal on some level, it is about the handmade in a digital world; it is about slowness in a fast-paced, overtly digital milieu. My work directly responds to the ever-increasing speed and chaos of the world around me by embracing stillness and slow motion.

"Repetition is a form of change." Brian Eno

"My music is about rhythm predominantly, the rhythm of ideas." Joan Tower