Scott Turri

For my current series, I have used the industrial design of a laundry basket as a source. The basket has evenly sized and spaced pill shaped cutouts. Using the container as a metaphor, one can be inside the container looking out, or on the outside of the container looking in. In this manner, the container can symbolize an interior or exterior space, or both simultaneously. Additionally, the container constrains movement. Working inside this structure signals a type of confinement. When I began to design this shape, I realized that it was made up of three parallel circles along a central axis. I decided to make the underlying design mirror the laundry basket pattern when on its side, in other words, two columns of equally sized and spaced pill shapes. This intentional choice of using an industrial design, one that would typically be made and used for its functionality as opposed to its beauty, behaves like a ready-made for me and indicates a kind of distancing from the self.

"Repetition is a form of change." Brian Eno